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Welcome to Lake Mathews Signs

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

We are currently working on solidifying the placement of these signs so we do not have to move them again.

Download the Google Earth File Here: Welcome To Lake Mathews Signs

The Riverside County Transportation Department is going to put up welcome signs in our community. We have come up with some location we feel are appropriate due to our existing COI boundary lines. We will be officially requesting the placement be in these locations first.

The video above is an interactive Google Earth map. Once the video is done playing, you can manipulate the map to look around our COI. You can take a look at a specific sign, or you can look at our trails in Harford Springs that we have Adopted.

We feel it is important to keep our community solidified and to keep our COI in tact, these signs must go on our boundaries. If the signs come inside our boundaries, it may pave the way for further erosion of our community just like the recent Woodcrest Land Grab area. PLEASE, help us keep our community together and tell our officials how you feel about the locations of the signs.

Take Action
Contact your officials and make your voice heard.

County Supervisor:
(951) 955-1010

Transportation Department:
Lawrence Tai:
(951) 955-6816

Email the County Supervisor's Office.

2. Comment below, tell us how you feel about the project. Do you like the proposed locations? Do you want to see them somewhere else or not at all. Tell us, we want to know.

Poll Question:
Vote now and tell us how you feel.
26 Surveyed
How do you feel about the Proposed Welcome to Lake Mathews Signs?
In favor of the signs in the proposed locations
In favor of signs but not the proposed locations
Do not want the signs at all
Do not care
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1/12/2013 11:09:05 AM
I have some suggestion for unique Zip Codes for those in different (but well connected) communities that want no association with the other: 92570-LM; 92570-GH; 92570-GS. There we are. We can now be seen as separate spaces on the map with no connection with one-another. Each unique area may now band together and fight for what they believe is right for "them." Oh, wait. I thought that is what RAGLAM was all about... And, it is what it's about. So, how have we come to this dissection of our neighborhoods? I have my ideas but I doubt anyone would like to hear them so I'll keep my mouth shut.
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1/12/2013 10:42:58 AM
And the truth comes out. Certain fol(s)in the Gavilan Hills (Springs)area want not to be associated in any way with the Lake Mathews community. I was under the impression "we" were all part of the greater community area. As we all know, many, if not most homeowners have done their best to disassociate our area from Perris (of which I am not one) - hence the ZIP CODE debacle - but now it seems some want even further denial of connection with the Lake Mathews community. Perhaps every individual should have their own, unique Zip Code to better define their personal little world.
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2/8/2012 11:40:17 AM
A simple map of the area with proposed locations indicated would be much better. I can't tell where the signs are located from this "presentation". If there are is to be signage for Lake Mathews, then it should be located ONLY in the Lake Mathews area I live on Gavilan Road, in Gavilan Hills, and have no affiliation whatever with Lake Mathews. I would rigorously protest any action that might place my property in association with the Lake Mathews CSA.
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