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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

Posting Guidelines


RAGLM’s forums help build a strong community of creators by fostering discussion and sharing information. Messages posted by RAGLM community members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. All users posting to the RAGLM forums must read this Forum Posting Policy.

RAGLM reserves the right to change or update these guidelines at anytime without any notice.

Posting to the forums constitutes your agreement to the terms outlined in this Forum Posting Policy

Please treat all Community Leaders and their decisions with respect. As volunteers helping users and moderating the RAGLM forums, they deserve your courtesy as much as we feel you deserve theirs. While we’re the first to admit we’re not perfect, we strive to be impartial and conduct ourselves in the fairest manner possible for all. In order to provide you with a safe and positive experience on our forums, some moderation actions taken in the forums by our Community Leaders may not be explicitly covered under these guidelines if we feel certain posts are not in the best interest of our community. If at any time you feel a Community Leader, or another user treats you unfairly or inappropriately, please send an email to communityabuse@RAGLM.org.

Please try to keep your posts/replies under 500 characters. This will allow for quicker moderation as well as being read by a larger audience. If your post is to long, you may want to think about breaking it up into smaller parts so people will read them.

Prohibited activities within the RAGLM Forums:

Violation of these rules is grounds for immediate post removal, forum sanction and/or suspension of your RAGLM account. Please note: The moderators of RAGLM's forums reserve the right to remove any post we deem as inappropriate without warning.

Advertising, “Spamming”, Self Promotion, Reviews and "Bumping":
RAGLM prohibits posting of commercial advertising links, images or content for the purpose of self-promotion outside of the Shameless Promotion Forum. Hijacking or creating a new thread for the purpose of solicitation or advertising of content or any posts which could be interpreted as a solicitation, including the promotion of content published on RAGLM.org, are prohibited outside of their relevant forums. The solicitation or advertisement of content or other goods, services, or other information not found or published on RAGLM is considered “spam” and not allowed anywhere in our forums.
Bumping Threads
The practice of posting to a pre-existing forum thread for the sole purpose of bringing it back to the top of the forums is called "bumping" an activity typically frowned upon. While we allow you to post a reply to your own thread when you have something of note to add, posting words such as *bump* or “Is someone going to responed to this?” is of little use to anyone and considered an act of “bumping.” Moderators consider excessive bumping the same as spamming, and violators will be subject to the same sanctions as spammers.
Flaming & Trolling:
Posting intentionally hostile or insulting messages meant to incite arguments, a.k.a. “flame wars.” Such activity is not considered a positive contribution to the RAGLM community and will be removed. We do not discourage heated debates, but as the line between this forum of discussion and “trolling/flaming” is often subjective in nature, the determination as to what is and is not acceptable will be determined solely by our moderators (Community Leaders and Staff). Whether provoked by another member or other reasons, aggressive retaliatory responses to trolling/flaming are not excusable acts under any circumstances. If another member of our forums is personally attacking you, please report it to the moderators by clicking the “Report Abuse” button within the post. DO NOT RETALIATE or respond aggressively to an abusive comment. Offensive remarks made in retaliation to an abusive post are subject to removal/sanctions.
Profanity & Obscenity:
We prohibit the posting of material (graphics, text, links and other references) containing profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, or threats of violence, obscenity, and pornographic or adult material. Using a vulgar, profane, or otherwise offensive username is also prohibited. While we encourage free expression, we also expect our members to be respectful of the sensibilities of other users. The determination as to what is and is not considered acceptable posting on our forums is at the discretion of the moderators.
Discussing or reposting of deleted, locked posts or banned members
Respect the decisions of our moderators and staff. If a topic is locked or deleted or a user has been banned, discussions of these subjects are no longer allowed to continue elsewhere within the forums. Comments, questions or concerns on such actions within the forums can be submitted to RAGLM staff by clicking on the "report abuse" button within the post, or by sending an email to "communityabuse@RAGLM.com". DO NOT post these comments within the forums.
Posting contact information about another individual
This includes information on private members and non-members of the site, Community leaders, as well as RAGLM staff regardless of the source of that information.
Using multiple accounts for the purposes of fraudulent or deceptive behavior
While there is nothing wrong with having multiple aliases in our forums, we prohibit the use for such aliases to try and deceive other users or moderators, to “bump” or promote a topic in a thread, or for any other reason we consider a misuse of RAGLM’s forums.
Contacting other members regarding RAGLM business by unauthorized methods
That is, by searching for and making use of contact information they did not otherwise willingly provide themselves.
Posting copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner
To report copyright infringement or inappropriate content to our administrators, please click the "Flag" link within the content listing page. If you notice such activity within the forums, please click the "report abuse" button on that post to bring it to the attention to our moderators.
Malicious or Disruptive Code
The use of JavaScript, active or other coding, making repetitive posts, or other actions that interfere with site operations is forbidden. Any malicious code or employment of a robot, spider or other process or device to harvest e-mail addresses or other User information or to monitor the activity on the Forums is also forbidden.
False Representation and Endorsements
Posting with the intent to impersonate RAGLM Staff or another member through the use of similar IDs or any other method or device. Posting which falsely suggest that RAGLM Staff or Community Leaders have in any way approved of, or are involved in the promotion of given content is prohibited.
Data Mining/Harvesting & Employing Bots
Using the RAGLM forums as a means to acquire private information from other community members through any methods.
Posts promoting or encouraging activities that violateRAGLM's Forum Posting Policies.
Irrelevant Post/Reply
In the spirit of keeping everyone correctly informed about issues in our community, posts or replies that are irrelevant to the thread will not be approved. Please keep all posts/replies on topic for the current thread so unique issues can be discussed and not get confused with other issues.
Excessive Posts
RAGLM.org moderators are all volunteers and do not get paid for their services. That being said, anyone who posts continually and excessively may have their account temporarily or permanently suspended. Please be curtious with your posts and try to remmember this is all volunteered time.

Disciplinary Actions

RAGLM may sanction an account from the Forums without suspending them from the site. RAGLM may suspend any member from the Forums and from the site who has been previously warned of board policy violations, though we reserve the right to suspend a member immediately depending on the violation.

Sanctions/suspensions may range from 1 day to indefinite. A sanction or suspension of one ID applies to all IDs of that member and may, at our discretion, apply to members of the same household.

The use of false registration information or creating multiple accounts for use on RAGLM's Forums for the purpose of disruption or to avoid detection may result in permanent sanction or suspension of all associated registrations.

Thank you for following our simple guidlines and enjoy chatting with YOUR community.