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Annexation of Mead Valley Into The City of Perris

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

You Are Being Annexed Into The City of Perris, Do You Know How This Affects You?

Affected Areas:

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More coming soon. Check back frequently.

To contact the board by mail, or to join RAGLM:


3410 La Sierra Ave. #F41
Riverside, CA 92503

Take Action
Contact your officials and make your voice heard.

County Supervisor:
(951) 955-1010

Planning Department:
(951) 955-3200

Email the County Supervisor's Office.

2. Attend the county hearing. This is the best way to show the county your stance.

1. Date: Nothing Scheduled
Location: N/A

Poll Question:
Vote now and tell us how you feel.
19 Surveyed
Do you want to be annexed into the City of Perris?
Not Sure
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