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Lake Mathews Recreation Area

AB 1686 - Waterways: Lake Mathews

66th District Assemblyman and current District 1 Supervisorial Candidate Kevin Jeffries has introduced a bill that will open Lake Mathews for recreational purposes. This would allow people to come and fish on the lake, boat and hike around the lake.

Assemblymen Jeffries has WITHDRAWN this bill. Click here to read more.

Jeffries Official Withdrawal

Let Assemblymen Kevin Jeffries know how you feel about this.

41391 Kalmia Street Suite 220
Murrieta, CA 92562
951-894-5053 fax

Press Enterprise Article
Take Action
Contact your officials and make your voice heard.

County Supervisor:
(951) 955-1010

Assemblymen Jeffries:
(951) 894-1232

Email the County Supervisor's Office.

Email the Author of the bill Assemblymen Kevin Jeffries
2. Attend the county hearing. This is the best way to show the county your stance.

1. Date: Nothing Scheduled
Location: N/A

Poll Question:
Vote now and tell us how you feel.
18 Surveyed
Do you want Lake Mathews open to the public for recreation?
Do not care
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3/8/2012 2:28:45 PM
Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that this is our drinking water and should not willingly be opened up to more contaminates? Diamond Lake is open to the public and has a foul smell in the air all around it. Do we have to actively pollute every water source we have?
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3/8/2012 11:54:08 AM
I assure you that is not the intent of Assemblyman Jeffries or MWD. MWD is likely to oppose the bill, and has no interest in allowing anyone there at all. Assemblyman Jeffries has written the bill as carefully as possible to limit the impact to neighbors, banning water contact boating (skiing, boarding, etc.), establishing boat speed limits, a cap on daily visitors, and a requirement that all activities and rules be consistent with preservation of the habitat. Jeff--Chief of Staff
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3/8/2012 12:04:23 PM
My question then would be, why would he introduce a bill to force a use of land that the owner of the land is opposed to? We are not all against it and in fact if done properly some may be all for it. I would ask what the need is? You say jobs, but that is always a good reason for any development yet does not address the concerns of the rural lifestyle nor the concerns of the land owner. When did 'Sustainable Development' become more important than individual property rights?
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3/8/2012 8:23:20 AM
I fear this will turn our community into a high traffic area and take away our rural lifestyle. Please look at the verbiage of the bill. It is cleverly worded "The bill also would allow the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to develop, fund, and operate any necessary infrastructure;". This may allow MWD to bypass the standard processes for development and make Cajalco whatever they wish with no input. MWD owns most of the land around the lake and on both sides of Cajalco.
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