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Riverside County General Plan

Stay Informed on How YOUR Community is Being Developed

"A General Plan is the blueprint for a County. It describes the future growth and development within the County over the long term. It acts as a constitution for both public and private development, the foundation upon which our leaders will make growth and use related decisions.

The General Plan is meant to express the community's goals with respect to both human-made and natural environments and sets forth the policies and implementation measures to achieve them for the welfare of those who live, work, and do business in the County. It is meant to make Riverside County a great place to live."

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CLICK HERE to view the Riverside County General Plan

Mail Your Comment:

If you prefer, you can send a written comment via regular mail. We would suggest sending a copy to RAGLM as well so we may hold the department accountable.

Riverside County
Planning Department

P.O. Box 1409
Riverside, CA 92502-1409

3410 La Sierra Ave. #F41
Riverside, CA 92503

Take Action
1. Contact your officials and make your voice heard.

County Supervisor:
(951) 955-1010

Planning Department:
(951) 955-3200

Deputy Planning Director:
(951) 955-2706

General Plan Information:
p. (951) 955-1881
f. (951) 955-1811

Email the County Supervisor's Office.

Email the Deputy Planning Director.

2. Attend the county hearing. This is the best way to show the county your stance on this project.

Date: TBD
Location: N/A
Send Your Comment:
If you have a concern with the plan updates and how they may affect our area or simply wish to comment on it, please fill out the form below. They must legally address any concerns in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). So make sure when you voice your concern, state that it should be addressed in the 'EIR' if it something that you feel needs to be.

A copy of your email will be sent to Frank Coyle (Deputy Planning Director), Kristi Lovelady (Principal Planner), you will receive a copy and a copy will be sent to RAGLM as well. We will keep the comments on file just to hold the department accountable and make sure they address all submited comments or issues.

The Public Hearing period has yet to be scheduled, so PLEASE submit your comment today!
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Send Your Request For General Plan DEIR and Notifications
You can use the form below to send a request to the planning department, asking them to send you a copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report when it is available. You may also request to be notified about any future documents, future meetings, and any comments that have been submitted thus far.
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