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Preserve The Plateau

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

There is an effort happening right now to put some informational signs around our Lake Mathews area to bring awareness to our biodiverse habitat. These signs are currently in design phase and are still up for discussion, however there have been some concerns with these simple signs of awareness. They are being proposed with a lighted URL on them which has raised an issue of presidence. They will also contain a chip that will broadcast to any passing cell phone with information about the area. These signs are being placed all over our area so please take the time to look at the proposed map.

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Recent RAGLM Presentation (View the Signs here)
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Email the County Supervisor's Office.

2. Attend the county hearing. This is the best way to show the county your stance.

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11/27/2011 1:05:41 PM
Just who/whom is allowed to be or place their logo/corporate label on these signs? What guidelines are there for this ... logo/corporate labels? Once you allow a business/store/shope to place their logo/label on the signs how to you keep others the commumity may not want from demanding their right to be on the signs? GM???? REALLY???? Didn't we bail out GM??????? Now they want to be "Greem" and be part of helping to save our area? What companies have put up money "their real form of GREEN" to be part of this & how much was put up?
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11/27/2011 1:00:58 PM
I also think RAGLM should be disseminating this information over the other sites used by community residents. If it's a "community effort" then let's make sure we reach as many residents of the community as we can and get their input as well.
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11/27/2011 12:59:01 PM
On page 2, under the "Recent RAGLM Presentation" link, this page is misleading. If this project is a "Community effort" then tell us just who is on the "committee" making the choices about these signs, their location, who will pay for them, who will be liable for them, how many of them will go up in our Greater Lake Mathews area and or where they will go up in our area. Has the "committee" done any traffic impact studies to disclose the the impacts of cars, foot traffic and horseback riders pulling off the side of the roads to download the PDA type info. the signs will have and which will attract folks away from driving and such?
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11/27/2011 12:45:17 PM
The goal is good but, some of the organizers are questionable .. IMPO. We have to look at the door this could open, to allowing other signs, of who knows what kind into our rural community. We all know the county has already said that once they allow something for one, they have to allow it for others. Where will it end if we start it and allow it? I want to know just who is on the committee, how they got to be on it & why they are on it.
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