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Edison Smart Meters

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

Smart meters are coming our way. They are scheduled to be installed in our area between
October 2010 - January 2011.

They tell us they will make our down time during outages shorter due to the ability of the meters to relay data to each other.
My question is, who is going to pay for that extra relay charge?

They say that it will offer security by allow meters to be read at a distance and not having to enter your property.
I do not know about you but my meter maid never gets out of his car, he checks it with a monocular. Secondly, if the meters now relay data, why not simply relay our monthly reads and eliminate the need for a meter maid all together saving the company millions annually that they could then pass on to the customer and help lower our rates?

They say you will now be able to call in remotely to your home and turn on/off your appliances.
They neglect to inform you that your appliances must now be upgraded to fancy such features. If you can call in remotely and shut things on and off, who else has the ability to shut your appliances on/off at will?

If you do not want a smart meter installed there is little you can do. You can however put up a DO NOT INSTALL sign and hope for the best. As the meters belong to Edison, you may not legally stop them from installing it but I have heard that the installers are respecting your wishes if you do put up something stating not to install it. You can find a sign to put on your meter below as well as a sign for a smart meter free zone.

Do Not Install Smart Meter Sign

Smart Meter Free Zone Sign

Learn more about the opposition from consumer advocacy group TURN.org.

View what Edison has to say about the new smart meters and learn more about how they will affect you.
Learn more from Edison

You will have the choice to opt out at a price of $100 up front and $20 a month after that.
Tell them you want a better choice.

Fight the coming Rate Hikes

Take Action
1. Contact your officials and make your voice heard.

CA Public Utilities President:
(415) 703-3707

CA Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102

2. Be Heard!
Voice a choice about smart meters.

Unite to fight rate hikes.

Poll Question:
Vote now and tell us how you feel.
18 Surveyed
Do you want a Smart Meter in your home?
Still Unsure
Learn More...

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6/20/2012 10:57:35 PM
I was able to opt out of the smart meter at the cost of $75 and $10 a month to have it read. They are able to read it without entering the property. There is now a tag on my meter stating I have opted out of the smart meter. At this point I am happy about that.
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